Monday, October 14, 2013

Raegan, Riley, and Griffin Update

Mom and dad have been extremely busy, so the computer was put away and we found it hard to log on and update everyone.  Things are slowing down a bit for our family, and we were able to get connected again....  It's been quite a year, we began Kindergarten this year, and Baby Finn, (well..  No longer "baby", but he's still a baby to us) has began preschool.  Kindergarten is a blast!  We both weigh in at 34 lbs, and Finn is 28 lbs...

We recently visited ong me.  They gave us many rides on their tricycles.  We went to the beach which was really nice.  Fishing was the highlight.  Riley caught an eel!

Then momma had to go to Dallas for a couple days for a certification...  When she got back, we left to cancun!  We swam with dolphins, went on a submarine ride, jumped waves and just relaxed at the pool.

We spent most of September traveling....and now we're working hard to catch up on school work...

Minnesota is sure getting cold.  Jackets are out and we are getting prepared for a snowy Halloween!

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