Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Dear Family and Friends.....
It's Raegan and Riley here... been quite a while since we've hacked into mommy's computer to keep everyone updated, but we've all been busy bees lately..... here's the latest...

Our friends from Minnesota, Bob and Rita, came down for a visit to meet Finn finally. It was so great seeing you guys and catching up! :)
Mommy took us to see DISNEY ON ICE. What an unforgettable experience! We still ask mommy now and then if we can go see all the disney friends again, but she keeps telling us that Mickey and Minnie have other places they have to skate at for other children. We cannot wait to run into them again soon!!!

We also got to experience the Coastal Carolina State Fair....It's clear that our family LOVES state fairs!!!

There were SO many rides!

Raegan enjoyed fried pickles, and Riley enjoyed a hand-dipped corn dog. We also had fried veggies, a gyro, a 1-lb italian sausage extravaganza, and ice cream cones!!!
Funny.. We all had tummy aches when we got home, but we're ready for the fair again next year!!!

Grandma and grandpa came to visit again before they left to Vietnam. Finn really connected with Grandma and they were inseparable!

This is us at the happiest place on EARTH!!! We LOVE this place... it's CHUCKY!!! :)

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