Friday, July 15, 2011

This weeks update...

Raegan loves toast with jelly, Riley loves toast with peanut butter.... Perfect pair!!!
Enjoying an italian ice with daddy while hanging out in downtown Charleston...
(photo above... Raegan being silly with daddy's socks)
(photo above... Riley)
At Applebees.... Riley sharing Oriental Chicken Salad with mommy... She loved it and couldn't get enough!!!
(above) Raegan sharing pasta with daddy... it had cheese stuffed meatballs.. YUMM-O!

Raegan and Riley have enjoyed being "mommy" to their dolls. They are quite good at imitating everything from changing diapers to feeding sessions. Funny....
We found a baby bird on our front lawn... we were careful not to touch it so his mommy wouldn't reject him. Sure enough, when we went inside the house, we watched from our windows the reunion of mommy bird and baby bird. It was the neatest thing!

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