Saturday, April 2, 2011

We've been getting our hair trimmed every other month or so... although mommy says our hair is getting thicker and thicker as we're getting closer to turning 3!!! We sit really still for our haircuts, daddy sings to us as mommy trims :)
A fun thing to do is to hang out in mommy and daddy's bed. If you're ever having trouble finding us, we're usually cuddling in there!
Tonight, we were great helpers... we were busy outside helping daddy wash the vehicles... sister and I kind of got into a water fight :) We got really wet, but it was so fun.... then we came inside and helped mommy with dinner. We made the salads... and helped her with cutting up our fruit. We're still CRAZY about our fruit...
Then mommy was at the sink washing some veggies, and we nibbled on the veggies with Ranch! Mommy and daddy's salads were missing some veggies :)
We've been also enjoying steak... and everything with MUSTARD!!! This morning, we had waffles with syrup, and a side of mustard... hmmm??? We discovered mustard last week, and request it at every meal.
Sister and I have also been into belts, which is nothing new since we were little, but mommy found us belts that actually fit! The belts make it tough to go to the potty when you are in a hurry :)
We have been doing so great with going to the potty, mommy & daddy treated us with a visit to Chuck-E's house! He came out and gave us high fives.. He taught us a new dance and told us to practice it at home... it goes to the Cupid Shuffle... so we'll post video soon, when we've mastered the dance... :)

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Patrick Rohlfsen said...

Girls, you are getting so big! It's good to hear that you are so nice to mommy and daddy. You're going to be the best big sisters ever.