Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!!!

We heard the Easter bunny at our front door this morning... he said "HAPPY EASTER, Raegan and Riley!!!".... Yesterday, mommy and daddy took us to see the movie HOP. Good thing, 'cause we know all about the Easter Bunny... His name is E.B. for short!

E.B. left us baskets filled with lots of treats! Riley got a Kai Lan backpack, Raegan got a Dora backpack. We got bubbles, stickers, baby chicks, and rubber duck-ees to paint!

These little chicks were so soft and cuddly.. it chirps when you hold them gently.... I bet they were E.B.'s helpers hiding all the eggs in our yard today...
There were eggs EVERYWHERE!!! And we had so much fun finding them all.

Thanks nanna for our tattoos... we love having tattoo bugs crawling all over our bodies!!!

Thank you nana for our rubber duck-ees... we'll get to take a bath with them tomorrow when the paint dries. We had so much fun being creative...
We slept so well today... we played in the sprinkler and played with our super-soakers.... it was close to 85 degrees today... :) We were blessed with a beautiful day, and fun with the family :)
Wishing everyone a happy EASTER!
Raegan & Riley

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