Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Update...

This is Riley in the photo above, at the orthopedic surgeon getting her hips and legs checked out again. She is doing great. Doctor told her she was getting an X-ray, and when he left the room, she told us she was "SO EXCITED ABOUT GETTING A STING-RAY"..... Doctors prescribed hip stretches every night, and to wear her shoes backwards for 6 months. Its been several weeks since our visit, and we've already seen improvement in her gait.
The photo above is Raegan. Raegs wanted so badly to be seen by the doctor too, but didn't have an appointment, nor a reason to be seen. She was also bummed about not getting the "sting ray"... Doctor noticed that she kept asking to be seen, and he was nice enough to examine her legs and hips, so Raegan wouldn't feel left out.
The girls spotted this "PIZZA-MAN" on the side of the road, on the way to the beach one day, and they absolutely needed to stop to shake his hand. Rob hesitated, but couldn't resist. They were so happy! They still talk about him!!! (In the photo is Raegan... Riley was too anxious once we got up close.)

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