Monday, October 11, 2010

The latest....

Hello everyone... it's Raegan and Riley again.  It's been about a month since we've written, but it's been a busy month for our family!  Everyone's doing great.  

We have some updates about our new favorite foods.  Carrots with dip, and COOL RANCH doritos!  We also have a new hang out... Port Aransas Beach... we've been there every chance we get...  Mommy started work, but her schedule has been really nice.  It allows her to be home with us, which means more time to play, and more hugs and kisses for both of us!!!   It's a nice change from her residency schedule!  

We have been busy exploring the state of Texas... Last weekend, we were in Houston... what a fun city!  Mommy really likes the Galleria mall :)... She kept whispering that it was so much better than the Mall of America...  We went to the Aquarium, and even had dinner in the middle of the aquarium... the sharks and sting rays were watching us eat our pasta!  We ended the evening with a horse carriage ride around downtown Houston.  It was great weather, almost 90 degrees.  

Daddy has taught us so much about the town of Victoria... we know that it takes no longer than 5 minutes to get anywhere around here.  If it takes any longer than 5 minutes, you are leaving Victoria...  Daddy has also been keeping busy with little projects... he is refinishing some patio chairs and getting a little involved in some wood-working with a piece of antique furniture mommy really liked.  He gets to work on them during our afternoon naps.  He's clever about not making too much noise so it doesn't wake us.  Most fun of all, he's taught us the IOWA fight song, which we chant as a family right before prayer time every night!  It's quite fun...

We have enjoyed having visitors and playing in the sand.  Looking forward to nana and auntie Tami's visit in a few weeks.  

We thought we overheard daddy mentioning that our next destination was DALLAS.. hmm... I wonder where that is?  I guess we'll find out soon. :)

We miss everyone... just wished some of you can see and hear all the things we've been able to say and sing :)....  Love you all and God Bless!!!
-Raegan and Riley

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