Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's us again... we have been busy drawing and painting... 
Last week, we got home from grocery shopping to find a great big box at our front door.  It was a new kitchen set from di Thuong and duong Jeff!  We have been so busy preparing meals for mommy and daddy... we even baked Grizzie a cake but he wasn't here to enjoy it!  So we ate it :)
The next day, we got to open presents from nana... gee... we're starting to think we must be quite special for everyone to send us presents... our family must love us A LOT!!!
When we got here, our back yard was a mess... daddy says it was like bailing hay.  He bought his first lawn mower so he's happy as a peach.  He's worked so hard in the yard lately... and it looks like a whole new yard.  It's really green and nice to play in now.  Daddy is so proud, he goes out there and just stares at it... mommy would ask him if everything is okay, and he would tell her "I'm VERY happy.."  
We woke up one morning, to find these jeeps parked in our garage... daddy told us he wanted to buy us something for our birthday last June, but didn't want to pack them in the moving bus since we already had so many toys to bring to Texas.  What a surprise... we love them.  They even have an AM/FM radio, and it plays everything from Gospel music to Country!!!  We've even gotten to take them down the street to get the mail... 
Just like in Minnesota, we've been able to cool off with the sprinkler.  Except one difference... the water that comes out of the hose here is hot the entire time... not one bit of cool water.  It's kind of nice, cause we never get cold when we get wet.  We live at the end of the road again, something like a SAC?  Daddy says it's safe for us without the vehicle traffic...  just a couple weeks left with mommy home with us, so we've really been playing as much as we can.  Mommy's work is just a mile away so she's excited to be so close.  

We hear it everyday, but mommy and daddy keeps telling each other that they are HAPPY and that we are very blessed.  I guess God has been really good to us.... 
Take care and God Bless,
Raegan and Riley.

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Patrick Rohlfsen said...

Conrad Family

We are so happy that you have found a wonderful place to live. Thank you so much for posting these. We miss you guys a lot and will keep praying for you.


Patrick and Kelly