Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sledding for the first time...

Sledding for the first time.... we even went backwards down the hill several times, and didn't mind it!
These are photos of us getting ready to go outside... we got out warm snow-pants on!  (And loved them because they have "pockets")...  Notice the photo below with Raegan and her hands in her pockets ;)

Riley is in the video above....  

We all went sledding in our back yard.  The girls had such a great time, and they were both sad when it was time to go inside.  They said "cheese" after every ride.... knowing they were being video-taped...  so funny how fast a child can learn how to smile for the camera!
Raegan is in the video above... if you listen closely, you will hear Riley laughing in the background.  Riley was laughing so hard and enjoying just watching Raegan sled down the hill.

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