Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who's who...

As the girls are getting older, everyone's having a harder time telling who's who.  The girls are walking now, but not quite running yet.  They were giving each other hugs the other day while aunt Kelly was here.  So cute!  Four words in their vocabulary... "daddy", "mama", "baby", and "Hi"....  The girls also love giving kisses.  When asked for a kiss, they'll open their mouths and give you quite the wet one!  It's great.  They're also wearing the neckolaces aunt Teenah and uncle Pat gave to them without trying to take them off.  As far as safety goes at our place, gates that don't lock into anything don't quite work anymore.  They pull them down to get to whatever they're not supposed to be in.  It's entertaining, but we've got to watch them so close!  They're getting so big so fast.

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