Friday, July 10, 2009

Update with the Conrads....

So, we've been traveling quite a bit these last few months... Our trip to Tennessee was more than we expected.  Quite hot, but it beats 30 below Minnesota winters.  As far as everything else, it's absolutely beautiful and green down there.  The bed and breakfast we stayed at was great.  The inn-keepers used to own a restaurant, so breakfast was fabulous!!!  We plan on going back later this fall, and even again in the winter!    

We were off to Colorado over the 4th for Suong's wedding.  The girls had stranger anxiety for the first time.  I think they were a little overwhelmed with the amount of people who wanted to hold them.  We ate lots of pho at the restaurant for Di Thuong's birthday.  Happy birthday Di Thuong.  Too bad ma and ba didn't give us any ice-cream cake though. :).  We were re-united with family we hadn't seen in about 10 years.  Great to see everyone!

We will definitely keep you all posted with our next trip.  We haven't quite decided where yet.  It is kind of fun to look on a map and chose another destination... Maybe we'll be able to fit in several more trips before we have to buy airfare for Mai and Dao when they turn two.  I can't believe they've been on 8 plane rides already and they're 13 months.  They've done really well, but it seems that they're not wanting to snooze much on the plane as they did when they were younger.  

Mai and Dao are both trying to take their first steps.  I will post videos tonight.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Miss you guys already.

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