Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to our blog...

I wanted to start a blog for a while, and just now getting around to it.  Raegan Mai and Riley Dao are now ten weeks old, (almost eleven weeks).  Our last check up at the doctors was last Tuesday, and Raegan weighed in at 10 lb 7 oz.  Riley is not far behind at 9 lb 2 oz.  They both began to smile at us this week, doing more of it in the mornings.  They've also found their hands and have been using it more and more everyday.  They haven't used their thumbs as their soothies, but Riley finds it comforting to put it by her mouth and lick it when she's upset.  

Rob and I are doing great.  Rob's been busy with work and I haven't started my residency full time yet until Sept 2nd. (which is just around the corner).  My co-residents are all so nice.  They are a great group.  There's 5 of us, and they have all been so supportive during this time. 

Their auntie Thuong was just here this last weekend from Chicago.  It was a great time.  We did a 5K run with the church... okay, Thuong did the run, the rest of us walked. :)  We managed to finish in under an hour, which was our initial goal.

Nana's coming in a week to visit. Can't wait.


pmnodolf said...

Raegan and Riley are so cute. We can't wait to meet them. Always enjoy the pics. I know that Nana is counting the days to give some XOXOXO's! Love to all of you,
Aunt Pam and Uncle Michael

Todd & Anna said...

twins are adorable, can't believe how much they are growing.